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Organizational Structure

Ministry Teams

Hosanna! is blessed with many gifted, creative, passionate volunteers and every single day, even more are experiencing the joy of serving Jesus through volunteer service.  Volunteers are critical to Hosanna! becoming the church that God desires us to be.  Our many activities, groups, events and programs are organized into Ministry Teams, each responsible for a different area of ministry. 

The current Ministry Teams and their respective Key Leaders plus Staff Resource contacts are as follows ...

Connected With Christ:

Adult Discipleship, Key Leader John Staley Staff contact - Pastor John Nelson (Senior Pastor)

Children & Family Ministry, Key Leaders Heather Trask and Hiedi Williams, Staff contact Lynette Anderson (Director of Children & Family Ministry)

Music, Key Leader Cait Flones, Staff contact Melody Kuphal (Director of Music Ministry)

Preschool, Key Leader Karen Marcelo, Staff contact Linda Horneck (Preschool Director)

Worship, Key Leader Denise Mandik, Staff contact Pastor John Nelson (Senior Pastor)

Youth Ministry, Key Leaders Nan Klotz & Kayne Kantorowicz, Staff contact Pastor Jason Ginsburg (Associate Pastor)

Connected With One Another:

Evangelism, Key Leader Kristen Gorski, Staff contact - Pastor Jason Ginsburg

Fellowship, Key Leader Open, Staff contact Pastor John Nelson 

Hospitality, Key Leader Open, Staff contact Pastor John Nelson 

Connected With Those In Need:

Member Prayer & Care, Key Leader Jody Jaynes, Staff contact Vanessa Schneider

Outreach, Key Leader OPEN, Staff contact Pastor John Nelson 

Congregation Support:

Media, Key Leaders Randy Flones & Paul Ivanauski, Staff contact Adam Huckeby

Property, Key Leader OPEN, Staff contact Vanessa Schneider

Stewardship & Finance, Key Leader Brad Johnson, Staff contact Pastor John Nelson

Technology, Key Leader Kevin Kuphal, Staff contact Adam Huckeby

Congregational Council

Also Biblically known as deacons, overseers, shepherds or elders, Hosanna!'s Congregational Council is made up of our Senior Pastor plus 9 congregation members elected by the Congregation to serve 3 year terms, with 3 being elected each year.  This decision making group meets monthly and is responsible for the church budget and other duties outlined in our governing documents.  In addition, each Council member is assigned to assist and support a Ministry Team area. 

Here is the 2021-22 Council and their respective Ministry Team area assignments:

Joan Bisterfeldt, Council President, Council Rep for Property, Stewardship & Finance

Cherie Filipos, Council Rep for Outreach, Prayer & Care

Michael Guy, Council Secretary, Council Rep for Media, Technology

Paul Ivanauski, Council Vice-President, Rep for Youth

Scott Jaeger, Council Rep for Evangelism, Fellowship, Hospitality

Christy Stubbs, Council Rep for Music, Worship, Preschool

Dan Okoren, Council Rep for Children & Family

Doug Leonard, Council Rep for Adult Discipleship

Pastor John Nelson, Senior Pastor

Executive Committee

To address sensitive confidential and human resource matters, this group of leaders is composed of the Senior Pastor, Council President and Vice President, plus a member appointed each by the Senior Pastor, President and the Council at large.

Joan Bisterfeldt, Council President

Paul Ivanauski, Council Vice President

Pastor John Nelson, Senior Pastor

Andy Kuester

Scott Jaeger

Dennis Carr

Stephanie Edlen

Mike Hawley

Governing Documents

Hosanna! is guided first and foremost by God's Holy Spirit and by His Living Word, the Bible.

Here are downloadable copies of our current legal governing documents:

Constitution (approved Apr. 2011)

Bylaws (approved Mar. 2011)

Continuing Resolutions (approved May 2017)

Amendments or changes to the Constitution require 2 affirmative votes by the congregation.  The Bylaws require only 1 congregational vote to modify. Our Continuing Resolutions may be changed by the Council without a congregational vote.