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Hosanna! Connected


Stay Connected with Christ, and One Another, and Those In Need

Since Hosanna! will be closed into the foreseeable future due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this page will be a collection of information and links to help us all stay connected and to share with others.

Don’t forget to follow / like Hosanna!’s social media pages for additional information, interaction, and other ways to help you “Connect with Christ, and One Another, and Those In Need”:

www.facebook.com/HosannaChurchLCMC  (Facebook account not required to view most postings)

Drive-in Church June 7 Vehicle Registration

Registration is limited as to the number of vehicles per service. Services at 8:30, 9:30 & 11:00am and should last about 30 minutes. There will be no access to the building or restrooms available,  attendees will need to remain in their vehicles at all times and please follow all instructions before, during, and after each service. 

Click here to register on Eventbrite - or contact the church via email  

Please note: the 9:30 drive-in service will be livestreamed on our Facebook page for those unable to make it to any of these services.

Tentative weekly schedule of virtual Connections 

Check out these activities taking place on the mentioned sources (times may vary)

  • Sunday Worship: 9:30am, Facebook
  • Sunday High School Adhesion: 7:00pm, Zoom (email Youth Director Valeri for info )
  • Monday Story Time with Pastor Jason: 9:00am, Facebook
  • Monday Worship Hymn: noon, Facebook
  • Tuesday Previous Sunday service posted: Hosanna! Website
  • Tuesday Words of Hope Pastor Devotion: noon, Facebook & Website
  • Tuesday Children's Music Time 4:30pm: Facebook Live
  • Wednesday Middle School Velocity: 6:30pm, Instagram & Facebook
  • Thursday Story Time with Pastor Jason: 9:00am, Facebook
  • Friday Worship Hymn & Playlists: noon, Facebook
  • Saturday The Psalms: noon, Facebook
  • Updates and Announcements: as applicable via e-newsletter (scroll down page for subscription instructions) & other sources

Links to Hosanna! online content

Worship services: (Facebook links below, also available on website "Sermons" page)

 Worship Service, 05-31-2020

 Worship Service, 05-24-2020

 Worship Service, 05-17-2020

 Mother's Day Worship Service, 05-10-2020

 Worship Service, 05-03-2020

 Worship Service, 04-26-2020

 Worship Service, 04-19-2020

 Easter (contemporary) Worship Service, 04-12-2020

 Easter (traditional) Worship Service, 04-12-2020

 Good Friday Worship Service, 04-10-2020

 Palm Sunday Worship Service, 04-05-2020

 Worship Service, 03-29-2020

 Worship Service, 03-22-2020

 Worship Service, 03-15-2020

Words of Hope Pastor devotions: (Facebook links below, also available on website "Sermons"  page)

 Words of Hope, 06-02-2020

 Words of Hope, 05-26-2020

 Words of Hope, 05-19-2020

 Words of Hope, 05-12-2020

 Words of Hope, 05-05-2020

 Words of Hope, 04-28-2020

 Words of Hope, 04-23-2020

 Words of Hope, 04-21-2020

 Words of Hope, 04-16-2020

 Words of Hope, 04-14-2020

 Words of Hope, Maundy Thursday, 04-09-2020

 Words of Hope, 04-07-2020

 Words of Hope, 04-02-2020

 Words of Hope, 03-31-2020

 Words of Hope, 03-26-2020

 Words of Hope, 03-24-2020

 Words of Hope, 03-19-2020

Story Time with Pastor Jason: (Facebook links)

 Story Time, 06-04-2020

 Story Time, 06-01-2020

 Story Time, 05-28-2020

 Story Time, 05-25-2020

 Story Time, 05-21-2020

 Story Time, 05-18-2020

 Story Time, 05-14-2020

 Story Time, 05-11-2020

 Story Time, 05-07-2020

 Story Time, 05-04-2020

 Story Time, 04-30-2020

Children's Music: (Facebook links)

 Children's Choir Time, 06-02-2020

 Children's Choir Time, 05-26-2020

 Children's Choir Time, 05-19-2020

 Children's Choir Time, 05-12-2020

 Music Time for Young Children, 05-12-2020

 Children's Choir Time, 05-05-2020

 Music Time for Young Children, 05-05-2020

 Children's Choir Time, 04-28-2020

 Music Time for Young Children, 04-28-2020

 Children's Choir Time, 04-21-2020

 Music Time for Young Children, 04-21-2020

 Children's Choir Time, 04-14-2020

 Music Time for Young Children, 04-14-2020

 Children's Choir Time, 04-07-2020

 Music Time for Young Children, 04-07-2020

 Children's Choir Time, 03-31-2020

 Music Time for Young Children, 03-31-2020

 Children's Choir Time, 03-24-2020

 Music Time for Young Children, 03-24-2020

 Children's Choir Time, 03-17-2020

 Music Time for Young Children, 03-17-2020

Saturday Psalms: (Facebook links)

 Saturday Psalms, 05-30-2020

 Saturday Psalms, 05-23-2020

 Saturday Psalms, 05-16-2020

 Saturday Psalms, 05-09-2020

 Saturday Psalms, 05-02-2020

Middle and High School students: (Facebook links)

 Middle School Velocity, 06-03-2020

 Middle School Velocity, 05-20-2020

 Middle School Velocity, 05-13-2020

 Middle School Velocity, 05-06-2020

 Middle School Velocity, 04-29-2020

 Middle School Velocity 04-22-2020

 High School Adhesion 04-19-2020

 Middle School Velocity, 04-15-2020

 Middle School Velocity, 04-08-2020

 Downloadable Holy Week Devotional, 04-05-2020

 High School Adhesion, 04-05-2020

 Middle School Velocity, 04-01-2020

 High School Adhesion, 03-29-2020  

 Middle School Velocity, 03-25-2020

 High School Adhesion, 03-23-2020 

 Middle School Velocity, 03-18-2020

Insight Spotlight (Sunday School): (Facebook links)

 Insight Spotlight, 05-17-2020

 Insight Spotlight, 05-03-2020

 Insight Spotlight, 04-26-2020

 Insight Spotlight, 04-19-2020

 Insight Spotlight, 04-05-2020

 Insight Spotlight, 03-30-2020

 Saturday Family Challenge, 03-28-2020

 Insight Spotlight, 03-23-2020

 Saturday Family Challenge, 03-21-2020

Music and playlists: (Facebook links)

 Monday Hymn, 06-01-2020

 Friday Hymn, 05-29-2020

 Monday Hymn, 05-25-2020

 Friday Hymn, 05-22-2020

 Monday Hymn, 05-18-2020

 Friday Hymn, 05-15-2020

 Monday Hymn, 05-11-2020

 Friday Hymn, 05-08-2020

 Monday Hymn, 05-04-2020

 Friday Hymn & Playlist, 05-01-2020

 Monday Hymn, 04-27-2020

 Friday Hymn & Playlist, 04-24-2020

 Monday Hymn, 04-20-2020

 Friday Hymn, 04-17-2020

 Monday Hymn, 04-13-2020

 Friday Hymn, 04-10-2020

 Monday Hymn, 04-06-2020

 Friday Hymn & Playlist, 04-03-2020

 Friday Hymn & Playlist, 03-27-2020

 Friday Playlist, 03-20-2020

Pastor Jason's Old Testament Bible Study:

 Session 11, 06-03-2020

 Session 10, 05-27-2020

 Session 9, 05-20-2020

 Session 8, 05-13-2020

 Session 7, 05-06-2020

 Session 6, 04-29-2020

 Session 5, 04-22-2020

 Session 4, 04-15-2020

 Session 3, 04-08-2020

 Session 2, 04-01-2020

 Session 1, 03-25-2020

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